Computers In Libraries
To Flip or Not to Flip, That Is the Dilemma!
Washington Hilton, 2013 April 08, 10:00 a.m.
Pat Semple, Upper School Librarian
Spanish, grade 07: Spanish-Speaking Countries Project (webpage)
use of databases, location of print books, copyright-free images in Flickr
World History, grade 09: Website on Developing Nations (webpage)
website software, databases, link to think tanks
Chemistry, grade 10: Founding Fathers Project (webpage)
screen shot of encyclopedia index, alternate spellings of names
US History, grade 11: Facebook 19th Century Personage Project (webpage)
create fan page in Facebook, Boolean searches, lots of websites
English, grade 12: Downloading "Ragged Dick" (video 02:00)
students needed information on short notice, I was double-booked
National History Day Project: Book Reviews in Databases (video 03:46)
overview of how to find books reviews in Gale, ProQuest, JSTOR
National History Day Project: Book Reviews in (video 04:09)
how to locate and use editorial reviews in
National History Day Project: NoodleTools, Sorting Citations (video 01:30)
no audio, just text on screen
National History Day Project: Borrowing Books From Montgomery College (video 02:23)
example of information that is important, but not for everyone and therefore better presented as optional (can view or not) rather than mandatory (if presented during class time)
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